Happy New Year 2018

The world is what you make of it, and along with the winds of fate, you are the mistress or master of your own destiny.

For 2018, I shall be blessed with all that is good and am open to the possibilities of new experiences and adventures with:

  • Having good health, love, peace, joy, enjoyment and happiness
  • Having circle of loving, dependable and supportive family and friends
  • Continuing to dream, aspire and inspire
  • Continuing to create, being creative, be kind and wise
  • Striving forward, overcoming obstacles, with leaps of success and achievements
  • Accepting, knowing, learning, forgiving and loving
  • Being grateful and reflective, adaptable, changing and adapting
  • Traveling to places I have never visited before and places that I enjoy
  • Having what I need and more, to share.

May you be blessed with the same (and more to your heart’s desire) this year and I wish you a fulfilling year ahead!

Happy New Year 2018