My Future Life Partner

I was recently advised by a dear childhood friend and happiness coach (ML) to list out the feelings and emotions I would like to have when being together with my future life partner, as a way of sending forth my desires to the universe, with the faith that the energy from my thoughts in this message shall be emitted and thus will be answered by Her, in order for me to meet him (if I have not done so already) and eventually be with him.

Another friend had referred to the Law of Attraction, while another reference “An Open Letter to My Future Husband”. In any case, this is me articulating my desires in this post; I am optimistic there is at least one man out there with a similar desire and with a wish list that fits me during this lifetime.

Dear Universe,

These are the following attributes (in no particular order) of feelings and emotions I would like to have when I am with my life partner: loved, safe, cherished, blissful, confident, proud/pride, happy, adventurous, joyful, passionate, secure, sated, accepted, relaxed, awed, interested, satisfied, comfortable, serene, tranquil, gratitude, hopeful, kind, affectionate, pleasurable, cheerful, euphoric, inspired, valued, respected, treasured, amused, beautiful, desirable.

I would like to have the above be reciprocal for him towards me too.

There are other secondary items in my predilection/wish list, such as a preference that he be tall (at least 5’11” and above), while in connection to me that he be kind, intelligent, dependable, generous, patient, understanding, appreciate art & literature, like dogs, enjoys traveling, is sexually compatible, does not snore too loudly and most importantly, able to get along with my parents (and family).

Last but not least, that both of us be in good health and able to enjoy a meaningful life together for a lengthy amount of time.

I express my desires to you, dear Universe, with love, accepting the outcomes you deign to bless me with. Thank you.

With humble gratitude; I believe!


My Future Life Partner